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The Mad King
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Part I
I. A Runaway Horse
II. Over the Precipice
III. An Angry King
IV. Barney Finds a Friend
V. The Escape
VI. A King's Ransom
VII. The Real Leopold
VIII. The Coronation Day
IX. The King's Guests
X. On the Battlefield
XI. A Timely Intervention
XII. The Gratitude of a King
Part Ii
I. Barney Returns to Lutha
II. Condemned to Death
III. Before the Firing Squad
IV. A Race to Lutha
V. The Traitor King
VI. A Trap Is Sprung
VII. Barney to the Rescue
VIII. An Adventurous Day
IX. The Capture
X. A New King in Lutha
XI. The Battle
XII. Leopold Waits for Dawn
XIII. The Two Kings
XIV. "The King's Will Is Law"
XV. Maenck Blunders
XVI. King of Lutha

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