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Ayesha: The Return of She
by H. Rider Haggard
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Author's Note
Chapter I. The Double Sign
Chapter II. The Lamasery
Chapter III. The Beacon Light
Chapter IV. The Avalanche
Chapter V. The Glacier
Chapter VI. In the Gate
Chapter VII. The First Ordeal
Chapter VIII. The Death-hounds
Chapter IX. The Court of Kaloon
Chapter X. In the Shaman's Chamber
Chapter XI. The Hunt and the Kill
Chapter XII. The Messenger
Chapter XIII. Beneath the Shadowing Wings
Chapter XIV. The Court of Death
Chapter XV. The Second Ordeal
Chapter XVI. The Change
Chapter XVII. The Betrothal
Chapter XVIII. The Third Ordeal
Chapter XIX. Leo and the Leopard
Chapter XX. Ayesha's Alchemy
Chapter XXI. The Prophecy of Atene
Chapter XXII. The Loosing of the Powers
Chapter XXIII. The Yielding of Ayesha
Chapter XXIV. The Passing of Ayesha

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