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by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. John Has an Adventure
Chapter II. How the Sisters Came to Mooifontein
Chapter III. Mr. Frank Muller
Chapter IV. Bessie Is Asked in Marriage
Chapter V. Dreams Are Foolishness
Chapter VI. The Storm Breaks
Chapter VII. Love's Young Dream
Chapter VIII. Jess Goes to Pretoria
Chapter IX. Jantje's Story
Chapter X. John Has an Escape
Chapter XI. On the Brink
Chapter XII. Over It
Chapter XIII. Frank Muller Shows His Hand
Chapter XIV. John to the Rescue
Chapter XV. A Rough Journey
Chapter XVI. Pretoria
Chapter XVII. The Twelfth of February
Chapter XVIII. And After
Chapter XIX. Hans Coetzee Comes to Pretoria
Chapter XX. The Great Man
Chapter XXI. Jess Gets a Pass
Chapter XXII. On the Road
Chapter XXIII. In the Drift of the Vaal
Chapter XXIV. The Shadow of Death
Chapter XXV. Meanwhile
Chapter XXVI. Frank Muller's Familiar
Chapter XXVII. Silas Is Convinced
Chapter XXVIII. Bessie Is Put to the Question
Chapter XXIX. Condemned to Death
Chapter XXX. "We Must Part, John"
Chapter XXXI. Jess Finds a Friend
Chapter XXXII. He Shall Die
Chapter XXXIII. Vengeance
Chapter XXXIV. Tanta Coetzee to the Rescue
Chapter XXXV. The Conclusion of the Matter

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