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Lysbeth, A Tale Of The Dutch
by H. Rider Haggard
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Author's Note
Book the First. The Sowing
Chapter I. The Wolf and the Badger
Chapter II. She Who Buys—pays
Chapter III. Montalvo Wins a Trick
Chapter IV. Three Wakings
Chapter V. The Dream of Dirk
Chapter VI. The Betrothal of Lysbeth
Chapter VII. Hendrik Brant Has a Visitor
Chapter VIII. The Mare's Stable
Book the Second. The Ripening
Chapter IX. Adrian, Foy, and Martin the Red
Chapter X. Adrian Goes Out Hawking
Chapter XI. Adrian Rescues Beauty in Distress
Chapter XII. The Summons
Chapter XIII. Mother's Gifts Are Good Gifts
Chapter XIV. Sword Silence Receives the Secret
Chapter XV. Senor Ramiro
Chapter XVI. The Master
Chapter XVII. Betrothed
Chapter XVIII. Foy Sees a Vision
Chapter XIX. The Fray in the Shot Tower
Chapter XX. In the Gevangenhuis
Chapter XXI. How Martin Turned Coward
Chapter XXII. A Meeting and a Parting
Book the Third. The Harvesting
Chapter XXIII. Father and Son
Chapter XXIV. Martha Preaches a Sermon and Tells a Secret
Chapter XXV. The Red Mill
Chapter XXVI. The Bridegroom and the Bride
Chapter XXVII. What Elsa Saw in the Moonlight
Chapter XXVIII. Atonement
Chapter XXIX. Adrian Comes Home Again
Chapter XXX. Two Scenes

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