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Queen Sheba's Ring
by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. The Coming of the Ring
Chapter II. The Advice of Sergeant Quick
Chapter III. The Professor Goes Out Shooting
Chapter IV. The Death Wind
Chapter V. Pharaoh Makes Trouble
Chapter VI. How We Escaped From Harmac
Chapter VII. Barung
Chapter VIII. The Shadow of Fate
Chapter IX. The Swearing of the Oath
Chapter X. Quick Lights a Match
Chapter XI. The Rescue Fails
Chapter XII. The Den of Lions
Chapter XIII. The Adventures of Higgs
Chapter XIV. How Pharaoh Met Shadrach
Chapter XV. Sergeant Quick Has a Presentiment
Chapter XVI. Harmac Comes to Mur
Chapter XVII. I Find My Son
Chapter XVIII. The Burning of the Palace
Chapter XIX. Starvation
Chapter XX. The Trial and After

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