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She and Allan
by H. Rider Haggard
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Note by the Late Mr. Allan Quatermain
Chapter I. The Talisman
Chapter II. The Messengers
Chapter III. Umslopogaas of the Axe
Chapter IV. The Lion and the Axe
Chapter V. Inez
Chapter VI. The Sea-cow Hunt
Chapter VII. The Oath
Chapter VIII. Pursuit
Chapter IX. The Swamp
Chapter X. The Attack
Chapter XI. Through the Mountain Wall
Chapter XII. The White Witch
Chapter XIII. Allan Hears a Strange Tale
Chapter XIV. Allan Misses Opportunity
Chapter XV. Robertson Is Lost
Chapter XVI. Allan's Vision
Chapter XVII. The Midnight Battle
Chapter XVIII. The Slaying of Rezu
Chapter XIX. The Spell
Chapter XX. The Gate of Death
Chapter XXI. The Lesson
Chapter XXII. Ayesha's Farewell
Chapter XXIII. What Umslopogaas Saw
Chapter XXIV. Umslopogaas Wears the Great Medicine
Chapter XXV. Allan Delivers the Message

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