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The Brethren
by H. Rider Haggard
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Author's Note
Chapter One: By The Waters Of Death Creek
Chapter Two: Sir Andew D'arcy
Chapter Three: The Knighting Of The Brethren
Chapter Four: The Letter Of Saladin
Chapter Five: The Wine Merchant
Chapter Six: The Christmas Feast At Steeple
Chapter Seven: The Banner Of Saladin
Chapter Eight: The Widow Masouda
Chapter Nine: The Horses Flame And Smoke
Chapter Ten: On Board The Galley
Chapter Eleven: The City Of Al-je-bal
Chapter Twelve: The Lord Of Death
Chapter Thirteen: The Embassy
Chapter Fourteen: The Combat On The Bridge
Chapter Fifteen: The Flight To Emesa
Chapter Sixteen: The Sultan Saladin
Chapter Seventeen: The Brethren Depart From Damascus
Chapter Eighteen: Wulf Pays For The Drugged Wine
Chapter Nineteen: Before The Walls Of Ascalon
Chapter Twenty: The Luck Of The Star Of Hassan
Chapter Twenty-one: What Befell Godwin
Chapter Twenty-two: At Jerusalem
Chapter Twenty-three: Saint Rosamund
Chapter Twenty Four: The Dregs Of The Cup

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