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The People Of The Mist
by H. Rider Haggard
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Author's Note
Chapter I. The Sins of the Father Are Visited on the Children
Chapter II. The Swearing of the Oath
Chapter III. After Seven Years
Chapter IV. The Last Vigil
Chapter V. Otter Gives Counsel
Chapter VI. The Tale of Soa
Chapter VII. Leonard Swears on the Blood of Aca
Chapter VIII. The Start
Chapter IX. The Yellow Devil's Nest
Chapter X. Leonard Makes a Plan
Chapter XI. That Hero Otter
Chapter XII. A Choice Lot
Chapter XIII. A Midnight Marriage
Chapter XIV. Vengeance
Chapter XV. Disillusion
Chapter XVI. Misunderstandings
Chapter XVII. The Death of Mavoom
Chapter XVIII. Soa Shows Her Teeth
Chapter XIX. The End of the Journey
Chapter XX. The Coming of Aca
Chapter XXI. The Folly of Otter
Chapter XXII. The Temple of Jal
Chapter XXIII. How Juanna Conquered Nam
Chapter XXIV. Olfan Tells of the Rubies
Chapter XXV. The Sacrifice After the New Order
Chapter XXVI. The Last of the Settlement Men
Chapter XXVII. Father and Daughter
Chapter XXVIII. Juanna Prevaricates
Chapter XXIX. The Trial of the Gods
Chapter XXX. Francisco's Expiation
Chapter XXXI. The White Dawn
Chapter XXXII. How Otter Fought the Water Dweller
Chapter XXXIII. Trapped
Chapter XXXIV. Nam's Last Argument
Chapter XXXV. Be Noble Or Be Base
Chapter XXXVI. How Otter Came Back
Chapter XXXVII. “I Am Repaid, Queen”
Chapter XXXVIII. The Triumph of Nam
Chapter XXXIX. The Passing of the Bridge
Chapter XL. Otter's Farewell

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