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by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. Why Vrouw Botmar Tells Her Tale
Chapter II. How Suzanne Found Ralph Kenzie
Chapter III. The Story of the Shipwreck
Chapter IV. The Shadow of the Englishmen
Chapter V. A Love Scene and a Quarrel
Chapter VI. The Coming of the Englishmen
Chapter VII. The Sin of Vrouw Botmar
Chapter VIII. The Wisdom of Suzanne
Chapter IX. How Suzanne Saved Sihamba
Chapter X. The Oath of Sihamba
Chapter XI. A Fight and a Shot
Chapter XII. What the Cow Showed Zinti
Chapter XIII. The Schimmel's First Race
Chapter XIV. The Wedding
Chapter XV. Ralph Returns Into the Sea
Chapter XVI. How Ralph Came Back to the Stead
Chapter XVII. The Hidden Krantz
Chapter XVIII. What Passed in the Hut
Chapter XIX. How the Schimmel Crossed the Red Water
Chapter XX. The Omen of the White Swallow
Chapter XXI. The Vision of Ralph and Suzanne
Chapter XXII. The War of the Clean Spear
Chapter XXIII. How Suzanne Became a Chieftainess
Chapter XXIV. The Madness of Ralph Kenzie
Chapter XXV. The Great Trek
Chapter XXVI. How Gaasha Brought Good Luck
Chapter XXVII. Swart Piet Sets a Snare
Chapter XXVIII. The Coming of the Impi
Chapter XXIX. Thirst
Chapter XXX. Sihamba Prevails
Chapter XXXI. Sihamba's Farewell
Chapter XXXII. The Pass of the Quathlamba
Chapter XXXIII. Ralph Finds the Dream Mountain
Chapter XXXIV. The Avenger of Blood
Chapter XXXV. The Schimmel's Last Race

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