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Bardelys the Magnificent
by Rafael Sabatini
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Chapter I. The Wager
Chapter II. The King's Wishes
Chapter III. Rene De Lesperon
Chapter IV. A Maid in the Moonlight
Chapter V. The Vicomte De Lavedan
Chapter VI. In Convalescence
Chapter VII. The Hostility of Saint-eustache
Chapter VIII. The Portrait
Chapter IX. A Night Alarm
Chapter X. The Risen Dead
Chapter XI. The King's Commissioner
Chapter XII. The Tribunal of Toulouse
Chapter XIII. The Eleventh Hour
Chapter XIV. Eavesdropping
Chapter XV. Monsieur De Chatellerault Is Angry
Chapter XVI. Swords!
Chapter XVII. The Babbling of Ganymede
Chapter XVIII. Saint-eustache Is Obstinate
Chapter XIX. The Flint and the Steel
Chapter XX. The "Bravi" At Blagnac
Chapter XXI. Louis the Just
Chapter XXII. We Unsaddle

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