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by Rafael Sabatini
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Chapter I. Vox Populi
Chapter II. On a Mountain Path
Chapter III. Sackcloth and Motley
Chapter IV. Monna Valentina
Chapter V. Gian Maria
Chapter VI. The Amorous Duke
Chapter VII. Gonzaga the Insidious
Chapter VIII. Among the Dregs of Wine
Chapter IX. The "Tratta Di Corde"
Chapter X. The Braying of an Ass
Chapter XI. Wandering Knights
Chapter XII. The Fool's Inquisitiveness
Chapter XIII. Gian Maria Makes a Vow
Chapter XIV. Fortemani Drinks Water
Chapter XV. The Mercy of Francesco
Chapter XVI. Gonzaga Unmasks
Chapter XVII. The Enemy
Chapter XVIII. Treachery
Chapter XIX. Plot and Counterplot
Chapter XX. The Lovers
Chapter XXI. The Penitent
Chapter XXII. A Revelation
Chapter XXIII. In the Armoury Tower
Chapter XXIV. The Interrupted Mass
Chapter XXV. The Capitulation of Roccaleone

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