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The Historical Nights Entertainment, Second Series
by Rafael Sabatini
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I. The Absolution. Aftonso Henriques, First King Of Portugal
II. The False Demetrius. Boris Godunov And The Pretended Son Of Ivan The Terrible
III. The Hermosa Fembra. An Eposode Of The Inquisition In Seville
IV. The Pastry-cook of Madrigal. The Story Of The False Sebastian Of Portugal
V. The End of the “Vert Galant”. The Assassination Of Henry IV
VI. The Barren Wooing. The Murder Of Amy Robsart
VII. Sir Judas. The Betrayal Of Sir Walter Ralegh
VIII. His Insolence of Buckingham. George Villier's Courtship Of Ann Of Austria
IX. The Path of Exile. The Fall Of Lord Clarendon
X. The Tragedy of Herrenhausen. Count Philip Koenigsmark And The Princess Sophia Dorothea
XI. The Tyrannicide. Charlotte Corday And Jean Paul Morat

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