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The Lion's Skin
by Rafael Sabatini
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Chapter I. The Fanatic
Chapter II. At the "Adam and Eve"
Chapter III. The Witness
Chapter IV. Mr. Green
Chapter V. Moonshine
Chapter VI. Hortensia's Return
Chapter VII. Father and Son
Chapter VIII. Temptation
Chapter IX. The Champion
Chapter X. Spurs to the Reluctant
Chapter XI. The Assault-at-arms
Chapter XII. Sunshine and Shadow
Chapter XIII. The Forlorn Hope
Chapter XIV. Lady Ostermore
Chapter XV. Love and Rage
Chapter XVI. Mr. Green Executes His Warrant
Chapter XVII. Amid the Graves
Chapter XVIII. The Ghost of the Past
Chapter XIX. The End of Lord Ostermore
Chapter XX. Mr. Caryll's Identity
Chapter XXI. The Lion's Skin
Chapter XXII. The Hunters
Chapter XXIII. The Lion

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