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The Sea-Hawk
by Rafael Sabatini
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Part I. Sir Oliver Tressilian
Chapter I. The Huckster
Chapter II. Rosamund
Chapter III. The Forge
Chapter IV. The Intervener
Chapter V. The Buckler
Chapter VI. Jasper Leigh
Chapter VII. Trepanned
Chapter VIII. The Spaniard
Part II. Sakr-el-bahr
Chapter I. The Captive
Chapter II. The Renegade
Chapter III. Homeward Bound
Chapter IV. The Raid
Chapter V. The Lion of the Faith
Chapter VI. The Convert
Chapter VII. Marzak-ben-asad
Chapter VIII. Mother and Son
Chapter IX. Competitors
Chapter X. The Slave-market
Chapter XI. The Truth
Chapter XII. The Subtlety of Fenzileh
Chapter XIII. In the Sight of Allah
Chapter XIV. The Sign
Chapter XV. The Voyage
Chapter XVI. The Pannier
Chapter XVII. The Dupe
Chapter XVIII. Sheik Mat
Chapter XIX. The Mutineers
Chapter XX. The Messenger
Chapter XXI. Moriturus
Chapter XXII. The Surrender
Chapter XXIII. The Heathen Creed
Chapter XXIV. The Judges
Chapter XXV. The Advocate
Chapter XXVI. The Judgment

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