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The Suitors of Yvonne
by Rafael Sabatini
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Chapter I. Of How a Boy Drank Too Much Wine, and What Came of It
Chapter II. The Fruit of Indiscretion
Chapter III. The Fight in the Horse-market
Chapter IV. Fair Rescuers
Chapter V. Mazarin, the Match-maker
Chapter VI. Of How Andrea Became Love-sick
Chapter VII. The Château De Canaples
Chapter VIII. The Foreshadow of Disaster
Chapter IX. Of How a Whip Proved a Better Argument Than a Tongue
Chapter X. The Conscience of Malpertuis
Chapter XI. Of a Woman's Obstinacy
Chapter XII. The Rescue
Chapter XIII. The Hand of Yvonne
Chapter XIV. Of What Befell At Reaux
Chapter XV. Of My Resurrection
Chapter XVI. The Way of Woman
Chapter XVII. Father and Son
Chapter XVIII. Of How I Left Canaples
Chapter XIX. Of My Return to Paris
Chapter XX. Of How the Chevalier De Canaples Became a Frondeur
Chapter XXI. Of the Bargain That St. Auban Drove With My Lord Cardinal
Chapter XXII. Of My Second Journey to Canaples
Chapter XXIII. Of How St. Auban Came to Blois
Chapter XXIV. Of the Passing of St. Auban
Chapter XXV. Play-acting
Chapter XXVI. Reparation

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