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The Hour of the Dragon
by Robert E. Howard
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1. O Sleeper, Awake!
2. The Black Wind Blows
3. The Cliffs Reel
4. “From What Hell Have You Crawled?”
5. The Haunter Of The Pits
6. The Thrust Of A Knife
7. The Rending Of The Veil
8. Dying Embers
9. “It Is The King Or His Ghost!”
10. A Coin From Acheron
11. Swords Of The South
12. The Fang Of The Dragon
13. “A Ghost Out Of The Past”
14. The Black Hand Of Set
15. The Return Of The Corsair
16. Black-walled Khemi
17. “He Has Slain The Sacred Son Of Set!”
18. “I Am The Woman Who Never Died”
19. In The Hall Of The Dead
20. Out Of The Dust Shall Acheron Arise
21. Drums Of Peril
22. The Road To Acheron

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