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Memoirs of a Physician
by Alexandre Dumas
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Chapter I. The Storm.
Chapter II. Althotas.
Chapter III. Lorenza Feliciani.
Chapter IV. Gilbert.
Chapter V. The Baron De Taverney.
Chapter VI. Andree De Taverney.
Chapter VII. Eureka.
Chapter VIII. Attraction.
Chapter IX. Clairvoyance.
Chapter X. Nicole Legay.
Chapter XI. Waiting-maid and Mistress.
Chapter XII. The Morning.
Chapter XIII. Philip De Taverney.
Chapter XIV. Marie Antoinette Josephe, Archduchess of Austria.
Chapter XV. Magic.
Chapter XVI. The Baron De Taverney Thinks He Sees At Last a Small Opening Into the Future.
Chapter XVII. Nicole's Twenty-five Louis-d'ors.
Chapter XVIII. Farewell to Taverney.
Chapter XIX. Gilbert's Crown-piece.
Chapter XX. Gilbert Recovers the Loss of His Crown.
Chapter XXI. In Which a New Personage Makes His Appearance.
Chapter XXII. Viscount Jean.
Chapter XXIII. The Countess Dubarry's Morning Levee.
Chapter XXIV. King Louis the Fifteenth.
Chapter XXV. The Salon of Timepieces.
Chapter XXVI. The Court of King Petaud.
Chapter XXVII. Madame Louise of France.
Chapter XXVIII. Loque, Chiffe, and Graille.
Chapter XXIX. The Countess De Bearn.
Chapter XXX. The Vice.
Chapter XXXI. Zamore's Commission.
Chapter XXXII. The King Gets Tired.
Chapter XXXIII. The King Is Amused.
Chapter XXXIV. Voltaire and Rousseau.
Chapter XXXV. Chaperon and Debutante.
Chapter XXXVI. Marshal Richelieu's Fifth Conspiracy.
Chapter XXXVII. No Hairdresser, No Dress, No Carriage.
Chapter XXXVIII. The Presentation.
Chapter XXXIX. Compiegne.
Chapter XL. The Patroness and the Patronized.
Chapter XLI. The Physician Against His Will.
Chapter XLII. The Old Han.
Chapter XLIII. The Botanist.
Chapter XLIV. Monsieur Jacques.
Chapter XLV. Monsieur Jacques' Garret.
Chapter XLVI. Who Monsieur Jacques Was.
Chapter XLVII. The Sorcerer's Wife.
Chapter XLVIII. Parisians.
Chapter XLIX. The King's Carriages.
Chapter L. The Demoniac.
Chapter LI. The Count De Fenix.
Chapter LII. The Cardinal De Rohan.
Chapter LIII. The Return From Saint Denis.
Chapter LIV. The Garden Pavilion.
Chapter LV. The House in the Rue St. Claude.
Chapter LVI. The Double Existence. Sleep.
Chapter LVII. The Double Existence. Waking.
Chapter LVIII. The Visit.
Chapter LIX. Gold
Chapter LX. The Elixir of Life.
Chapter LXI. Inquiries.
Chapter LXII. The Apartment in the Rue Plastriere.
Chapter LXIII. Plan of Campaign.
Chapter LXIV. The Two Fetes.
Chapter LXV. The Fireworks.

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