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The Queen's Necklace
by Alexandre Dumas
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Prologue. The Predictions.
I. Two Unknown Ladies.
II. An Interior.
III. Jeanne De La Motte Valois.
IV. Bell's.
V. The Road to Versailles.
VI. Laurent.
VII. The Queen's Bed-chamber.
VIII. The Queen's Petite Levee.
IX. The Swiss Lake.
X. The Tempter.
XI. M. De Suffren .
XII. M. De Charny.
XIII. The One Hundred Louis of the Queen.
XIV. M. Fingret.
XV. The Cardinal De Rohan.
XVI. Mesmer and St. Martin.
XVII. The Bucket.
XVIII. Mademoiselle Oliva.
XIX. Monsieur Beausire.
XX. Gold.
XXI. La Petite Maison.
XXII. Some Words About the Opera.
XXIII. The Ball At the Opera.
XXIV. The Examination.
XXV. The Academy of M. Beausire.
XXVI. The Ambassador.
XXVII. Messrs. Boehmer and Bossange.
XXVIII. The Ambassador's Hotel.
XXIX. The Bargain.
XXX. The Journalist's House.
XXXI. How Two Friends Became Enemies.
XXXII. The House in the Rue St. Gilles.
XXXIII. The Head of the Taverney Family.
XXXIV. The Stanzas of M. De Provence.
XXXV. The Princess De Lamballe.
XXXVI. The Queen.
XXXVII. An Alibi.
XXXVIII. M. De Crosne.
XXXIX. The Temptress.
XL. Two Ambitions That Wish to Pass for Two Loves.
XLI. Faces Under Their Masks.
XLII. In Which M. Ducorneau Understands Nothing of What Is Passing.
XLIII. Illusions and Realities.
XLIV. Oliva Begins to Ask What They Want of Her.
XLV. The Deserted House.
XLVI. Jeanne the Protectress.
XLVII. Jeanne Protected.
XLVIII. The Queen's Portfolio.
XLIX. In Which We Find Dr. Louis.
L. Aegri Somnia.
LI. Andree.
LII. Delirium.
LII. Convalescence.
LIV. Two Bleeding Hearts.
LV. The Minister of Finance.
LVI. The Cardinal De Rohan.
LVII. Debtor and Creditor.
LVIII. Family Accounts.
LIX. Marie Antoinette As Queen, and Madame De La Motte As Woman.
LX. The Receipt of Mm. Boehmer and Bossange, and the Gratitude Op the Queen.
LXI. The Prisoner.
LXII. The Look Out.
LXIII. The Two Neighbors.
LXIV. The Rendezvous.
LXV. The Queen's Hand.
LXVI. Woman and Queen.
LXVII. Woman and Demon.
LXVIII. The Night.
LXIX. The Conge.
LXX. The Jealousy of the Cardinal.
LXXI. The Flight.
LXXII. The Letter and the Receipt.
LXXIV. Love and Diplomacy.
LXXV. Charny, Cardinal, and Queen.
LXXVI. Explanations.
LXXVII. The Arrest.
LXXVIII. The Proces-verbal.
LXXIX. The Last Accusation.
LXXX. The Proposal of Marriage.
LXXXI. St. Denis.
LXXXII. A Dead Heart.
LXXXIII. In Which It Is Explained Why the Baron De Taverney Grew Fat.
LXXXIV. The Father and the Fiancee.
LXXXV. After the Dragon, the Viper.
LXXXVI. How It Came to Pass That M. Beausire Was Tracked by the Agents of M. De Crosne.
LXXXVII. The Turtles Are Caged.
LXXXVIII. The Last Hope Lost.
LXXXIX. The Baptism of the Little Beausire.
XC. The Trial.
XCI. The Execution.
XCII. The Marriage.

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