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Memoirs of a Physician, Volume II: Joseph Balsamo
by Alexandre Dumas
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Chapter LXVI. The Field of the Dead.
Chapter LXVII. The Return.
Chapter LXVIII. M. De Jussieu.
Chapter LXIX. Life Returns.
Chapter LXX. The Aerial Trip.
Chapter LXXI. The Brother and Sister.
Chapter LXXII. What Gilbert Had Foreseen.
Chapter LXXIII. The Botanists.
Chapter LXXIV. The Philosophers in The Trap.
Chapter LXXV. The Apologue.
Chapter LXXVI. The Make-shift of His Majesty Louis XV.
Chapter LXXVII. How King Louis XV. Transacted Business.
Chapter LXXVIII. The Little Trianon.
Chapter LXXIX. The Conspiracy Is Renewed.
Chapter LXXX. The Sorcerer Chase.
Chapter LXXXI. The Courier.
Chapter LXXXII. The Evocation.
Chapter LXXXIII. The Voice.
Chapter LXXXIV. Disgrace.
Chapter LXXXV. The Duke D'aiguillon.
Chapter LXXXVI. The King Divides the Spoils.
Chapter LXXXVII. The Antechambers of The Duke De Richelieu.
Chapter LXXXVIII. Richelieu Is Disabused.
Chapter LXXXIX. The Dauphin's Family Repast.
Chapter XC. The Queen's Hair.
Chapter XCI. M. De Richelieu Appreciates Nicole.
Chapter XCII. The Transformation.
Chapter XCIII. How Pleasure to Some Is Despair to Others.
Chapter XCIV. The Parliaments.
Chapter XCV. In Which It Is Shown That the Path of a Minister Is Not Always Strewn With Roses.
Chapter XCVI. M. D'Aiguillon Takes His Revenge.
Chapter XCVII. In Which the Reader Will Once More Meet an Old Acquaintance Whom He Thought Lost, and Whom Perhaps He Did Not Regret.
Chapter XCVIII. The Confusion Increases.
Chapter XCIX. The Bed of Justice.
Chapter C. The Influence of the Words of the Unknown Upon J. J. Rousseau.
Chapter CI. The House in the Rue Platriere.
Chapter CII. The Report.
Chapter CIII. The Body and the Soul.
Chapter CIV. Body and Soul.
Chapter CV. Marat's Portress.
Chapter CVI. The Max and His Works.
Chapter CVII. Rousseau's Toilet.
Chapter CVIII. The Side Scenes of Trianon.
Chapter CIX. The Rehearsal.
Chapter CX. The Casket.
Chapter CXI. King Louis XV.'s Petit Souper.
Chapter CXII. Presentiments'.
Chapter CXIII. Gilbert's Romance.
Chapter CXIV. Father and Daughter.
Chapter CXV. What Althotas Wanted to Complete His Elixir.
Chapter CXVI. M. De Richelieu's Two Drops of Water.
Chapter CXVII. The Flight.
Chapter CXVIII. Double Sight.
Chapter CXIX. The Will.
Chapter CXX. The Hotel of II. De Sartines.
Chapter CXXI. The Coffer.
Chapter CXXII. Conversation.
Chapter CXXIII. Sartines Begins to Think Balsamo a Sorcerer.
Chapter CXXIV. The Elixir of Life.
Chapter CXXV. The Struggle.
Chapter CXXVI. Love.
Chapter CXXVII. The Philter.
Chapter CXXVIII. Blood.
Chapter CXXIX. Despair.
Chapter CXXX. The Judgment.
Chapter CXXXI. Doom.

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