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The Forty-Five Guardsmen
by Alexandre Dumas
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Chapter I. The Porte St. Antoine.
Chapter II. What Passed Outside the Porte St. Antoine.
Chapter III. The Examination.
Chapter IV. His Majesty Henri the Third.
Chapter V. The Execution.
Chapter VI. The Brothers.
Chapter VII. “The Sword of the Brave Chevalier.”
Chapter VIII. The Gascon.
Chapter IX. M. De Loignac.
Chapter X. The Purchase of Cuirasses.
Chapter XI. Still the League.
Chapter XII. The Chamber of His Majesty Henri III.
Chapter XIII. The Dormitory.
Chapter XIV. The Shade of Chicot.
Chapter XV. The Difficulty of Finding a Good Ambassador.
Chapter XVI. The Serenade.
Chapter XVII. Chicot's Purse.
Chapter XVIII. The Priory of the Jacobins.
Chapter XIX. The Two Friends.
Chapter XX. The Breakfast.
Chapter XXI. Brother Borromee.
Chapter XXII. The Lesson.
Chapter XXIII. The Penitent.
Chapter XXIV. The Ambush.
Chapter XXV. The Guises.
Chapter XXVI. The Louvre.
Chapter XXVII. The Revelation.
Chapter XXVIII. Two Friends.
Chapter XXIX. St. Maline.
Chapter XXX. De Loignac's Interview With the Forty-five.
Chapter XXXI. The Bourgeois of Paris.
Chapter XXXII. Brother Borromee.
Chapter XXXIII. Chicot, Latinist.
Chapter XXXIV. The Four Winds.
Chapter XXXV. How Chicot Continued His Journey, and What Happened to Him.
Chapter XXXVI. The Third Day of the Journey.
Chapter XXXVII. Ernanton De Carmainges.
Chapter XXXVIII. The Stable-yard.
Chapter XXXIX. The Seven Sins of Magdalene.
Chapter XL. Bel-esbat.
Chapter XLI. The Letter of M. De Mayenne.
Chapter XLII. How Dom Gorenflot Blessed the King As He Passed Before the Priory of the Jacobins.
Chapter XLIII. How Chicot Blessed King Louis II. For Having Invented Posting, and Resolved to Profit by It.
Chapter XLIV. How the King of Navarre Guesses That “Turennius” Means Turenne, and “Margota” Margot.
Chapter XLV. The Avenue Three Thousand Feet Long.
Chapter XLVI. Marguerite's Room.
Chapter XLVII. The Explanation.
Chapter XLVIII. The Spanish Ambassador.
Chapter XLIX. The Poor of Henri of Navarre.
Chapter L. The True Mistress of the King of Navarre.
Chapter LI. Chicot's Astonishment At Finding Himself So Popular in Nerac.
Chapter LII. How They Hunted the Wolf in Navarre.
Chapter LIII. How Henri of Navarre Behaved in Battle.
Chapter LIV. What Was Passing At the Louvre About the Time Chicot Entered Nerac.
Chapter LV. Red Plume and White Plume.
Chapter LVI. The Door Opens.
Chapter LVII. How a Great Lady Loved In the Year 1586.
Chapter LVIII. How St. Maline Entered Into the Turret, and What Followed.
Chapter LIX. What Was Passing in the Mysterious House.
Chapter LX. The Laboratory.
Chapter LXI. What Monseigneur Francois, Duc D'anjou, Duc De Brabant and Comte De Flanders, Was Doing In Flanders.
Chapter LXII. Preparations for Battle.
Chapter LXIII. Monseigneur.
Chapter LXIV. Monseigneur.
Chapter LXV. French and Flemings.
Chapter LXVI. The Travelers.
Chapter LXVII. Explanation.
Chapter LXVIII. The Water.
Chapter LXIX. Flight.
Chapter LXX. Transfiguration.
Chapter LXXI. The Two Brothers.
Chapter LXXII. The Expedition.
Chapter LXXIII. Paul-emile.
Chapter LXXIV. One of the Souvenirs Of the Duc D'anjou.
Chapter LXXV. How Aurilly Executed The Commission of the Duc D'anjou.
Chapter LXXVI. The Journey.
Chapter LXXVII. How King Henri III. Did Not Invite Crillon to Breakfast, and How Chicot Invited Himself.
Chapter LXXVIII. How, After Receiving News From the South, Henri Received News From the North.
Chapter LXXIX. The Two Companions.
Chapter LXXX. The Corne D'abondance.
Chapter LXXXI. What Happened in the Little Room.
Chapter LXXXII. The Husband and the Lover.
Chapter LXXXIII. Showing How Chicot Began to Understand the Purport of Monsieur De Guise's Letter.
Chapter LXXXIV. Le Cardinal De Joyeuse.
Chapter LXXXV. News From Aurilly.
Chapter LXXXVI. Doubt.
Chapter LXXXVII. Certainty.
Chapter LXXXVIII. Fatality.
Chapter LXXXIX. Les Hospitalieres.
Chapter XC. His Highness Monseigneur Le Duc De Guise.

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