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Tarzan the Untamed
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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I. Murder and Pillage
II. The Lion's Cave
III. In the German Lines
IV. When the Lion Fed
V. The Golden Locket
VI. Vengeance and Mercy
VII. When Blood Told
VIII. Tarzan and the Great Apes
IX. Dropped from the Sky
X. In the Hands of Savages
XI. Finding the Airplane
XII. The Black Flier
XIII. Usanga's Reward
XIV. The Black Lion
XV. Mysterious Footprints
XVI. The Night Attack
XVII. The Walled City
XVIII. Among the Maniacs
XIX. The Queen's Story
XX. Came Tarzan
XXI. In the Alcove
XXII. Out of the Niche
XXIII. The Flight from Xuja
XXIV. The Tommies

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