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Tarzan the Terrible
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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1. The Pithecanthropus
2. "To the Death!"
3. Pan-at-lee
4. Tarzan-jad-guru
5. In the Kor-ul-gryf
6. The Tor-o-don
7. Jungle Craft
8. A-lur
9. Blood-Stained Altars
10. The Forbidden Garden
11. The Sentence of Death
12. The Giant Stranger
13. The Masquerader
14. The Temple of the Gryf
15. "The King Is Dead!"
16. The Secret Way
17. By Jad-bal-lul
18. The Lion Pit of Tu-lur
19. Diana of the Jungle
20. Silently in the Night
21. The Maniac
22. A Journey on a Gryf
23. Taken Alive
24. The Messenger of Death
25. Home

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