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Ten Years Later
by Alexandre Dumas
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1. The Letter.
2. The Messenger.
3. The Interview.
4. Father and Son.
5. In which Something will be said of Cropoli--of Cropoli and of a Great Unknown Painter.
6. The Unknown.
7. Parry.
8. What his Majesty King Louis XIV. was at the Age of Twenty-Two
9. In which the Unknown of the Hostelry of Les Medici loses his Incognito.
10. The Arithmetic of M. de Mazarin
11. Mazarin's Policy
12. The King and the Lieutenant
13. Mary de Mancini
14. In which the King and the Lieutenant each give Proofs of Memory
15. The Proscribed
16. "Remember!"
17. In which Aramis is sought and only Bazin is found
18. In which D'Artagnan seeks Porthos, and only finds Mousqueton
19. What D'Artagnan went to Paris for
20. Of the Society which was formed in the Rue des Lombards, at the Sign of the Pilon d'Or, to carry out M. d'Artagnan's Idea
21. In which D'Artagnan prepares to travel for the Firm of Planchet and Company
22. D'Artagnan travels for the House of Planchet and Company
23. In which the Author, very unwillingly, is forced to write a Little History
24. The Treasure
25. The March
26. Heart and Mind
27. The Next Day
28. Smuggling
29. In which D'Artagnan begins to fear he has placed his Money and that of Planchet in the Sinking Fund
30. The Shares of Planchet and Company rise again to Par
31. Monk reveals himself
32. Athos and D'Artagnan meet once more at the Hostelry of the Corne du Cerf
33. The Audience.
34. Of the Embarrassment of Riches
35. On the Canal
36. How D'Artagnan drew, as a Fairy would have done, a Country-seat from a Deal Box
37. How D'Artagnan regulated the "Assets" of the Company before he established its "Liabilities"
38. In which it is seen that the French Grocer had already been established in the Seventeenth Century
39. Mazarin's Gaming Party
40. An Affair of State
41. The Recital
42. In which Mazarin becomes Prodigal
43. Guenaud
44. Colbert
45. Confession of a Man of Wealth
46. The Donation
47. How Anne of Austria gave one Piece of Advice to Louis XIV., and how M. Fouquet gave him another
48. Agony
49. The First Appearance of Colbert
50. The First Day of the Royalty of Louis XIV
51. A Passion
52. D'Artagnan's Lesson
53. The King
54. The Houses of M. Fouquet
55. The Abbe Fouquet
56. M. de la Fontaine's Wine
57. The Gallery of Saint-Mande
58. Epicureans
59. A Quarter of an Hour's Delay
60. Plan of Battle
61. The Cabaret of the Image-de-Notre-Dame
62. Vive Colbert!
63. How M. d'Eymeris's Diamond passed into the Hands of M. D'Artagnan.
64. Of the Notable Difference D'Artagnan finds between Monsieur the Intendant and Monsieur the Superintendent
65. Philosophy of the Heart and Mind
66. The Journey
67. How D'Artagnan became acquainted with a Poet, who had turned Printer for the sake of printing his own Verses
68. D'Artagnan continues his Investigations
69. In which the Reader, no doubt, will be as astonished as D'Artagnan was to meet an Old Acquaintance
70. Wherein the Ideas of D'Artagnan, at first strangely clouded, begin to clear up a little
71. A Procession at Vannes
72. The Grandeur of the Bishop of Vannes
73. In which Porthos begins to be sorry for having come with D'Artagnan
74. In which D'Artagnan makes all Speed, Porthos snores, and Aramis counsels
75. In which Monsieur Fouquet acts
76. In which D'Artagnan finishes by at length placing his Hand upon his Captain's Commission
77. A Lover and his Mistress
78. In which we at length see the true Heroine of this History appear
79. Malicorne and Manicamp
80. Manicamp and Malicorne
81. The Courtyard of the Hotel Grammont
82. The Portrait of Madame
83. Havre
84. At Sea
85. The Tents
86. Night
87. From Havre to Paris
88. An Account of what the Chevalier de Lorraine thought of Madame
89. A Surprise for Madame de Montalais
90. The Consent of Athos
91. Monsieur becomes jealous of the Duke of Buckingha
92. Forever!
93. King Louis XIV. does not think Mademoiselle de la Valliere either rich enough or pretty enough for a Gentleman of the Rank of the Vicomte de Bragelonne
94. Sword-thrusts in the Water
95. Sword-thrusts in the Water (concluded)
96. Baisemeaux de Montlezun
97. The King's Card-table
98. M. Baisemeaux de Montlezun's Accounts
99. The Breakfast at Monsieur de Baisemeaux's
100. The Second Floor of la Bertaudiere
101. The Two Friends
102. Madame de Belliere's Plate
103. The Dowry
104. Le Terrain de Dieu

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