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The Ghost Kings
by H. Rider Haggard
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Extract. From Letter Headed "the King's Kraal, Zululand, 12th May, 1855.
1. The Girl
2. The Boy
3. Good-bye
4. Ishmael
9. The Taking Of Noie
5. Noie
6. The Casting Of The Lots
7. The Message Of The King
8. Mr. Dove Visits Ishmael
10. The Omen Of The Star
11. Ishmael Visits The Inkosazana
12. Rachel Sees A Vision
13. Richard Comes
14. What Chanced At Ramah
19. Rachel Finds Her Spirit
15. Rachel Comes Home
16. The Three Days
17. Rachel Loses Her Spirit
20. The Mother Of The Trees
21. The City Of The Dead
22. In The Sanctuary
23. The Dream In The North
24. The End And The Beginning
18. The Curse Of The Inkosazana

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