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Fair Margaret
by H. Rider Haggard
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1. How Peter Met The Spaniard
2. John Castell
3. Peter Gathers Violets
4. Lovers Dear
5. Castell's Secret
6. Farewell
7. News From Spain
8. D'Aguilar Speaks
9. The Snare
10. The Chase
11. The Meeting On The Sea
12. Father Henriques
13. The Adventure Of The Inn
14. Inez And Her Garden
15. Peter Plays A Part
16. Betty Shows Her Teeth
17. The Plot
18. The Holy Hermandad
19. Betty Pays Her Debts
20. Isabella Of Spain
21. Betty States Her Case
22. The Doom Of John Castell
23. Father Henriques And The Baker's Oven
24. The Falcon Stoops
25. How The Margaret Won Out To Sea

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