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Robert Falconer
by George MacDonald
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Part I.--His Boyhood
Chapter I. A Recollection.
Chapter II. A Visitor.
Chapter III. The Boar's Head.
Chapter IV. Shargar.
Chapter V. The Symposium.
Chapter VI. Mrs. Falconer.
Chapter VII. Robert to the Rescue!
Chapter VIII. The Angel Unawares.
Chapter IX. A Discovery.
Chapter X. Another Discovery in the Garret.
Chapter XI. Private Interviews.
Chapter XII. Robert's Plan of Salvation.
Chapter XIII. Robert's Mother.
Chapter XIV. Mary St. John.
Chapter XV. Eric Ericson.
Chapter XVI. Mr. Lammie's Farm.
Chapter XVII. Adventures.
Chapter XVIII. Nature Puts in a Claim.
Chapter XIX. Robert Steals His Own.
Chapter XX. Jessie Hewson.
Chapter XXI. The Dragon.
Chapter XXII. Dr. Anderson.
Chapter XXIII. An Auto da Fé.
Chapter XXIV. Boot for Bale.
Chapter XXV. The Gates of Paradise.
Part II.--His Youth
Chapter I. Robert Knocks--and the Door is not opened.
Chapter II. The Stroke.
Chapter III. 'The End Crowns All'.
Chapter IV. The Aberdeen Garret.
Chapter V. The Competition.
Chapter VI. Dr. Anderson Again.
Chapter VII. Eric Ericson.
Chapter VIII. A Human Providence.
Chapter IX. A Human Soul.
Chapter X. A Father and a Daughter.
Chapter XI. Robert's Vow.
Chapter XII. The Granite Church.
Chapter XIII. Shargar's Arm.
Chapter XIV. Mysie's Face.
Chapter XV. The Last of the Coals.
Chapter XVI. A Strange Night.
Chapter XVII. Home Again.
Chapter XVIII. A Grave Opened.
Chapter XIX. Robert Mediates.
Chapter XX. Ericson Loses to Win.
Chapter XXI. Shargar Aspires.
Chapter XXII. Robert in Action.
Chapter XXIII. Robert Finds a New Instrument.
Chapter XXIV. Death.
Chapter XXV. In Memoriam.
Part III.--His Manhood
Chapter I. In the Desert.
Chapter II. Home Again.
Chapter III. A Mere Glimpse.
Chapter IV. The Doctor's Death.
Chapter V. A Talk with Grannie.
Chapter VI. Shargar's Mother.
Chapter VII. The Silk-Weaver.
Chapter VIII. My Own Acquaintance.
Chapter IX. The Brothers.
Chapter X. A Neophyte.
Chapter XI. The Suicide.
Chapter XII. Andrew at Last.
Chapter XIII. Andrew Rebels.
Chapter XIV. The Brown Letter.
Chapter XV. Father and Son.
Chapter XVI. Change of Scene.
Chapter XVII. In the Country.
Chapter XVIII. Three Generations.
Chapter XIX. The Whole Story.
Chapter XX. The Vanishing.

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