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David Elginbrod
by George MacDonald
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Part I. Turriepuffit
Chapter I. The Fir-Wood.
Chapter II. David Elginbrod and the New Tutor.
Chapter III. The Daisy and the Primrose.
Chapter IV. The Cottage.
Chapter V. The Students.
Chapter VI. The Laird's Lady.
Chapter VII. The Secret of the Wood.
Chapter VIII. A Sunday Morning.
Chapter IX. Nature.
Chapter X. Harvest.
Chapter XI. A Change and No Change.
Chapter XII. Charity.
Chapter XIII. Heraldry.
Chapter XIV. Winter.
Chapter XV. Transition.
Part II. Arnstead
Chapter I. A New Home.
Chapter II. Harry's New Horse.
Chapter III. Euphrasia.
Chapter IV. The Cave in the Straw.
Chapter V. Larch and Other Hunting.
Chapter VI. Fatima.
Chapter VII. The Picture Gallery.
Chapter VIII. Nest-Building.
Chapter IX. Geography Point.
Chapter X. Italian.
Chapter XI. The First Midnight.
Chapter XII. A Sunday.
Chapter XIII. A Storm.
Chapter XIV. An Evening Lecture.
Chapter XV. Another Evening Lecture.
Chapter XVI. A New Visitor and an Old Acquaintance.
Chapter XVII. Materialism alias Ghost-Hunting.
Chapter XVIII. More Materialism and Some Spiritualism.
Chapter XIX. The Ghost's Walk.
Chapter XX. The Bad Man.
Chapter XXI. Spirit Versus Materialism.
Chapter XXII. The Ring.
Chapter XXIII. The Wager.
Chapter XXIV. The Lady Euphrasia.
Chapter XXV. Next Morning.
Chapter XXVI. An Accident.
Chapter XXVII. More Troubles.
Chapter XXVIII. A Bird's-Eye View.
Chapter XXIX. Hugh's Awaking.
Chapter XXX. Changes.
Chapter XXXI. Explanations.
Chapter XXXII. Departure.
Part III. London
Chapter I. Lodgings.
Chapter II. Letters for the Post.
Chapter III. Endeavours.
Chapter IV. A Letter from the Post.
Chapter V. Beginnings.
Chapter VI. A Sunday's Dinner.
Chapter VII. Sunday Evening.
Chapter VIII. Euphra.
Chapter IX. The New Pupils.
Chapter X. Consultations.
Chapter XI. Questions and Dreams.
Chapter XII. A Sunday with Falconer.
Chapter XIII. The Lady's-Maid.
Chapter XIV. David Elginbrod.
Chapter XV. Margaret's Secret.
Chapter XVI. Forebodings.
Chapter XVII. Strife.
Chapter XVIII. Victory
Chapter XIX. Margaret.
Chapter XX. A New Guide.
Chapter XXI. The Last Groat.
Chapter XXII. Death.
Chapter XXIII. Nature and Her Lady.
Chapter XXIV. The Fir-Wood Again.

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