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The Bat
by Mary Roberts Rinehart
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Chapter One. The Shadow of the Bat
Chapter Two. The Indomitable Miss Van Gorder
Chapter Three. Pistol Practice
Chapter Four. The Storm Gathers
Chapter Five. Alopecia and Rubeola
Chapter Six. Detective Anderson Takes Charge
Chapter Seven. Cross-Questions and Crooked Answers
Chapter Eight. The Gleaming Eye
Chapter Nine. A Shot in the Dark
Chapter Ten. The Phone Call from Nowhere
Chapter Eleven. Billy Practices Jiu-Jitsu
Chapter Twelve. "I Didn't Kill Him."
Chapter Thirteen. The Blackened Bag
Chapter Fourteen. Handcuffs
Chapter Fifteen. The Sign of the Bat
Chapter Sixteen. The Hidden Room
Chapter Seventeen. Anderson Makes an Arrest
Chapter Eighteen. The Bat Still Flies
Chapter Nineteen. Murder on Murder
Chapter Twenty. "He is - the Bat!"
Chapter Twenty-One. Quite a Collection

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