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Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
by Jules Verne
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Part I. The Giant Raft
Chapter I. A Captain of the Woods
Chapter II. Robber and Robbed
Chapter III. The Garral Family
Chapter IV. Hesitation
Chapter V. The Amazon
Chapter VI. A Forest on the Ground
Chapter VII. Following a Liana
Chapter VIII. The Jangada
Chapter IX. The Evening of the Fifth of June
Chapter X. From Iquitos to Pevas
Chapter XI. From Pevas to the Frontier
Chapter XII. Fragoso at Work
Chapter XIII. Torres
Chapter XIV. Still Descending
Chapter XV. The Continued Descent
Chapter XVI. Ega
Chapter XVII. At Attack
Chapter XVIII. The Arrival Dinner
Chapter XIX. Ancient History
Chapter XX. Between the Two Men
Part II. The Cryptogram
Chapter I. Manaos
Chapter II. The First Moments
Chapter III. Retrospective
Chapter IV. Moral Proofs
Chapter V. Material Proofs
Chapter VI. The Last Blow
Chapter VII. Resolutions
Chapter VIII. The First Search
Chapter IX. The Second Attempt
Chapter X. A Cannon Shot
Chapter XI. The Contents of the Case
Chapter XII. The Document
Chapter XIII. Is it a Matter of Figures?
Chapter XIV. Chance!
Chapter XV. The Last Efforts
Chapter XVI. Preparations
Chapter XVII. The Last Night
Chapter XVIII. Fragoso
Chapter XIX. The Crime of Tijuco
Chapter XX. The Lower Amazon

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