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Long Live the King
by Mary Roberts Rinehart
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Chapter I. The Crown Prince Runs Away
Chapter II. And Sees the World
Chapter III. Disgraced
Chapter IV. The Terror
Chapter V. At the Riding-School
Chapter VI. The Chancellor Pays a Visit
Chapter VII. Tea in the Schoolroom
Chapter VIII. The Letter
Chapter IX. A Fine Night
Chapter X. The Right to Live and Love
Chapter XI. Rather a Wild Night
Chapter XII. Two Prisoners
Chapter XIII. In the Park
Chapter XIV. Nikky Does a Reckless Thing
Chapter XV. Father and Daughter
Chapter XVI. On the Mountain Road
Chapter XVII. The Fortress
Chapter XVIII. Old Adelbert
Chapter XIX. The Committee of Ten
Chapter XX. The Delegation
Chapter XXI. As a Man May Love a Woman
Chapter XXII. At Etzel
Chapter XXIII. Nikky Makes a Promise
Chapter XXIV. The Birthday
Chapter XXV. The Gate of the Moon
Chapter XXVI. At the Inn
Chapter XXVII. The Little Door
Chapter XXVIII. Tee Crown Prince's Pilgrimage
Chapter XXIX. Old Adelbert the Traitor
Chapter XXX. King Karl
Chapter XXXI. Let Mettlich Guard His Treasure
Chapter XXXII. Nikky and Hedwig
Chapter XXXIII. The Day of the Carnival
Chapter XXXIV. The Pirate's Den
Chapter XXXV. The Paper Crown
Chapter XXXVI. The King is Dead
Chapter XXXVII. Long Live the King!
Chapter XXXVIII. In the Road of the Good Children
Chapter XXXIX. The Lincoln Penny

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