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He Fell In Love With His Wife
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. Left Alone
Chapter II. A Very Interested Friend
Chapter III. Mrs. Mumpson Negotiates and Yields
Chapter IV. Domestic Bliss
Chapter V. Mrs. Mumpson Takes Up Her Burdens
Chapter VI. A Marriage!
Chapter VII. From Home to the Street
Chapter VIII. Holcroft's View of Matrimony
Chapter IX. Mrs. Mumpson Accepts Her Mission
Chapter X. A Night of Terror
Chapter XI. Baffled
Chapter XII. Jane
Chapter XIII. Not Wife, But Waif
Chapter XIV. A Pitched Battle
Chapter XV. "What is to Become of Me?"
Chapter XVI. Mrs. Mumpson's Vicissitudes
Chapter XVII. A Momentous Decision
Chapter XVIII. Holcroft Gives His Hand
Chapter XIX. A Business Marriage
Chapter XX. Uncle Jonathan's Impression of the Bride
Chapter XXI. At Home
Chapter XXII. Getting Acquainted
Chapter XXIII. Between the Past and Future
Chapter XXIV. Given Her Own Way
Chapter XXV. A Charivari
Chapter XXVI. "You Don't Know."
Chapter XXVII. Farm and Farmer Bewitched
Chapter XXVIII. Another Waif
Chapter XXIX. Husband and Wife in Trouble
Chapter XXX. Holcroft's Best Hope
Chapter XXXI. "Never!"
Chapter XXXII. Jane Plays Mouse to the Lion
Chapter XXXIII. "Shrink from YOU?"

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