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Kings, Queens And Pawns
by Mary Roberts Rinehart
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For King and Country
Chapter I. Taking a Chance
Chapter II. "Somewhere in France"
Chapter III. La Panne
Chapter IV. "'Twas a Famous Victory"
Chapter V. A Talk with the King of the Belgians
Chapter VI. The Cause
Chapter VII. The Story with an End
Chapter VIII. The Night Raid on Dunkirk
Chapter IX. No Man's Land
Chapter X. The Iron Division
Chapter XI. At the House of the Barrier
Chapter XII. Night in the Trenches
Chapter XIII. "Wipers"
Chapter XIV. Lady Decies' Story
Chapter XV. Running the Blockade
Chapter XVI. The Man of Ypres
Chapter XVII. In the Line of the "Mitrailleuse"
Chapter XVIII. French Guns in Action
Chapter XIX. "I Nibble Them"
Chapter XX. Dunkirk: From My Journal
Chapter XXI. Tea with the Air-Fighters
Chapter XXII. The Women at the Front
Chapter XXIII. The Little "Sick and Sorry" House
Chapter XXIV. Flight
Chapter XXV. Volunteers and Patriots
Chapter XXVI. A Luncheon at British Headquarters
Chapter XXVII. A Strange Party
Chapter XXVIII. Sir John French
Chapter XXIX. Along the Great Bethune Road
Chapter XXX. The Military Secret
Chapter XXXI. Queen Mary of England
Chapter XXXII. The Queen of the Belgians
Chapter XXXIII. The Red Badge of Mercy
Chapter XXXIV. In Terms of Life and Death
Chapter XXXV. The Losing Game
Chapter XXXVI. How Americans Can Help
Chapter XXXVII. An Army of Children

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