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A Face Illumined
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter 1. A Face.
Chapter II. Ida Mayhew.
Chapter III. An Artist's Freak.
Chapter IV. A Parthian Arrow.
Chapter V. Spite.
Chapter VI. Reckless Words and Deeds.
Chapter VII. Another Feminine Problem.
Chapter VIII. Glimpses of Tragedy.
Chapter IX. Unexpectedly Thrown Together.
Chapter X. Phrases too Suggestive.
Chapter XI. A "Tableau Vivant."
Chapter XII. Miss Mayhew is Puzzled.
Chapter XIII. Nature's Broken Promise.
Chapter XIV. A Revelation.
Chapter XV. Contrasts.
Chapter XVI. Out Among Shadows.
Chapter XVII. New Forces Developing.
Chapter XVIII. Love Put to Work.
Chapter XIX. Man's Highest Honor.
Chapter XX. A Wretched Secret that Must be Kept.
Chapter XXI. A Deliberate Wooer.
Chapter XXII. A Vain Wish.
Chapter XXIII. Jennie Burton's "Remedies."
Chapter XXIV. A Hateful, Wretched Life.
Chapter XXV. Half-truths.
Chapter XXVI. Sunday Table-talk.
Chapter XXVII. A Family Group.
Chapter XXVIII. Rather Volcanic.
Chapter XXIX. Evil Lives Cast Dark Shadows.
Chapter XXX. The Deliberate Wooer Speaks First.
Chapter XXXI. An Emblem.
Chapter XXXII. The Dangers of Despair.
Chapter XXXIII. "Hope dies Hard."
Chapter XXXIV. Puzzled.
Chapter XXXV. Desperately Wounded.
Chapter XXXVI. Temptation's Voice
Chapter XXXVII. Voices of Nature.
Chapter XXXVIII. A Good Man Speaks.
Chapter XXXIX. Van Berg's Escape.
Chapter XL. Van Berg's Conclusions.
Chapter XLI. The Protestant Confessional.
Chapter XLII. The Corner-Stone of Character.
Chapter XLIII. A "Heavenly Mystery."
Chapter XLIV. "The Garden of Eden."
Chapter XLV. Problems Beyond Art.
Chapter XLVI. A Resolute Philosopher.
Chapter XLVII. The Concert Garden Again.
Chapter XLVIII. Ida's Temptation.
Chapter XLIX. The Blind God.
Chapter L. Swept Away.
Chapter LI. From Deep Experience.
Chapter LII. An Illumined Face.
Chapter LIII. A Night's Vigil.
Chapter LIV. Life and trust.

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