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Driven Back to Eden
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. A Problem
Chapter II. I State the Case
Chapter III. New Prospects
Chapter IV. A Momentous Expedition
Chapter V. A Country Christmas in a City Flat
Chapter VI. A Bluff Friend
Chapter VII. Mr. Jones Shows Me the Place
Chapter VIII. Telling About Eden
Chapter IX. "Breaking Camp"
Chapter X. Scenes on the Wharf
Chapter XI. A Voyage Up the Hudson
Chapter XII. A March Evening in Eden
Chapter XIII. Rescued and at Home
Chapter XIV. Self-Denial and its Reward
Chapter XV. Our Sunny Kitchen
Chapter XVI. Making a Place for Chickens
Chapter XVII. Good Bargains in Maple Sugar
Chapter XVIII. Butternuts and Bobsey's Peril
Chapter XIX. John Jones, Jun
Chapter XX. Raspberry Lessons
Chapter XXI. The "Vandoo"
Chapter XXII. Early April Gardening
Chapter XXIII. A Bonfire and a Feast
Chapter XXIV. "No Blind Drifting"
Chapter XXV. Owls and Antwerps
Chapter XXVI. A Country Sunday
Chapter XXVII. Strawberry Visions and "Pertaters"
Chapter XXVIII. Corn, Color, and Music
Chapter XXIX. We Go A-Fishing
Chapter XXX. Weeds and Working for Dear Life
Chapter XXXI. Nature Smiles and Helps
Chapter XXXII. Cherries, Berries, and Berry-Thieves
Chapter XXXIII. Given His Choice
Chapter XXXIV. Given a Chance
Chapter XXXV. "We Shall All Earn Our Salt"
Chapter XXXVI. A Thunderbolt
Chapter XXXVII. Rallying from the Blow
Chapter XXXVIII. August Work and Play
Chapter XXXIX. A Trip to the Seashore
Chapter XL. A Visit to Houghton Farm
Chapter XLI. Hoarding for Winter
Chapter XLII. Autumn Work and Sport
Chapter XLIII. Thanksgiving Day
Chapter XLIV. We Can Make a Living in Eden

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