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The Case and The Girl
by Randall Parrish
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Chapter I. The Lady in the Limousine
Chapter II. A Sudden Engagement
Chapter III. The Coolidge Home
Chapter IV. Miss Coolidge Explains
Chapter V. West Wins the First Hand
Chapter VI. Untangling Threads
Chapter VII. A Visit to the Indigent
Chapter VIII. A New Miss Coolidge
Chapter IX. An Unexpected Dismissal
Chapter X. The Body of a Suicide
Chapter XI. Suspicion Verified
Chapter XII. Against a Stone Wall
Chapter XIII. 238 Wray Street
Chapter XIV. Trapped
Chapter XV. The Edge of Compromise
Chapter XVI. West Makes His Choice
Chapter XVII. Facing Death
Chapter XVIII. Under Cover
Chapter XIX. The Coming of a Message
Chapter XX. What the Telephone Told
Chapter XXI. The Yacht "Seminole"
Chapter XXII. Kidnapped
Chapter XXIII. The Fate of a Prisoner
Chapter XXIV. The Sinking Yacht
Chapter XXV. Free of the Yacht
Chapter XXVI. The Coming of Dawn
Chapter XXVII. Love Breaks Silence
Chapter XXIII. An Escape from the Raft
Chapter XXIX. The House in the Bluffs
Chapter XXX. Hobart Forgets and Talks
Chapter XXXI. McAdams Blows In
Chapter XXXII. A Bridge of Love

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