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Love Under Fire
by Randall Parrish
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Chapter I. Between the Lines
Chapter II. After the Despatch-Bearer
Chapter III. A Friend Rather than an Enemy
Chapter IV. The Coming of Dawn
Chapter V. Acquaintances, not Friends
Chapter VI. A Bold Front
Chapter VII. A Woman's Prisoner
Chapter VIII. The Coming of the Enemy
Chapter IX. Important News
Chapter X. Miss Willifred Intervenes
Chapter XI. The Return of Le Gaire
Chapter XII. An Attempt at Escape
Chapter XIII. I Meet Le Gaire
Chapter XIV. Across the River
Chapter XV. I Meet an Ex-Slave
Chapter XVI. A Call to Duty
Chapter XVII. Beginning the Night Adventure
Chapter XVIII. Overheard Conversation
Chapter XIX. Le Gaire Forces a Decision
Chapter XX. We Arrive at a Crisis
Chapter XXI. We Capture the House
Chapter XXII. Miss Willifred Declares Herself
Chapter XXIII. The Challenge
Chapter XXIV. I Become a Famous Swordsman
Chapter XXV. The End of the Duel
Chapter XXVI. Miss Willifred Surprises Us
Chapter XXVII. The Body of Le Gaire
Chapter XXVIII. I Force Billie to Listen
Chapter XXIX. The Mystery Deepens
Chapter XXX. Under New Orders
Chapter XXXI. The Disappearance of Billie
Chapter XXXII. We Repulse the Enemy
Chapter XXXIII. Miss Billie Reappears
Chapter XXXIV. Her Story
Chapter XXXV. The Dead Man
Chapter XXVI. The Last Stand
Chapter XXXVII. The Mystery Solved
Chapter XXXVIII. The Coming of the Night

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