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My Lady of the North
by Randall Parrish
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Chapter I. A Despatch for Longstreet
Chapter II. The Night Ride
Chapter III. An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter IV. A Woman with a Temper
Chapter V. A Disaster on the Road
Chapter VI. A Struggle in the Dark
Chapter VII. A Disciple of Sir Walter
Chapter VIII. Mrs. Bungay Defends Her Hearthstone
Chapter IX. In the Hands of the Enemy
Chapter X. A Woman's Tenderness
Chapter XI. In the Presence of Sheridan
Chapter XII. Under Sentence of Death
Chapter XIII. A Strange Way Out
Chapter XIV. I Become a Colonel of Artillery
Chapter XV. At the Staff Officers' Ball
Chapter XVI. The Woman I Loved
Chapter XVII. Through the Camp of the Enemy
Chapter XVIII. The Reputation of a Woman
Chapter XIX. The Cavalry Outpost
Chapter XX. A Demon on Horseback
Chapter XXI. Reinforcements for Early
Chapter XXII. The Battle in the Shenandoah
Chapter XXIII. Field Hospital, Sixth Corps
Chapter XXIV. A Night Ride of the Wounded
Chapter XXV. A Lost Regiment
Chapter XXVI. The Scouting Detail
Chapter XXVII. An Embarrassing Situation
Chapter XXVIII. We Capture a Courier
Chapter XXIX. A Mission for Beelzebub
Chapter XXX. A Union of Yank and Reb
Chapter XXXI. A Conversation in the Dark
Chapter XXXII. Hand to Hand
Chapter XXXIII. A Belligerent German
Chapter XXXIV. The Words of Love
Chapter XXXV. A Plan Miscarried
Chapter XXXVI. The Last Resort of Gentlemen
Chapter XXXVII. The Last Good-Bye
Chapter XXXVIII. The Furling of the Flags
Chapter XXXIX. My Lady of the North

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