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Where There's A Will
by Mary Roberts Rinehart
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Chapter I. I Have a Warning
Chapter II. Miss Patty Arrives
Chapter III. A Will
Chapter IV. And a Way
Chapter V. Wanted--An Owner
Chapter VI. The Conspiracy
Chapter VII. Mr. Pierce Acquires a Wife
Chapter VIII. And Mr. Moody Indigestion
Chapter IX. Dolly, How Could You?
Chapter X. Another Complication
Chapter XI. Miss Patty's Prince
Chapter XII. We Get a Doctor
Chapter XIII. The Prince--Principally
Chapter XIV. Pierce Disapproves
Chapter XV. The Prince, with Apologies
Chapter XVI. Stop, Thief!
Chapter XVII. A Bunch of Letters
Chapter XVIII. Miss Cobb's Burglar
Chapter XIX. No Marriage in Heaven
Chapter XX. Every Dog has His Day
Chapter XXI. The Mutiny
Chapter XXII. Home to Roost
Chapter XXIII. Back to Nature
Chapter XXIV. Like Ducks to Water
Chapter XXV. The First Fruits
Chapter XXVI. Over the Fence is Out
Chapter XXVII. A Cupboard Full of Rye
Chapter XXVIII. Love, Love, Love
Chapter XXIX. A Big Night To-night
Chapter XXX. Let Good Digestion

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