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Doctor Syn Returns
by Russell Thorndyke
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Chapter 1. The Wreck Of The Brig On Dymchurch Wall
Chapter 2. Doctor Syn Returns
Chapter 3. Mr. Mipps Appears
Chapter 4. The Death Of The Riding-officer
Chapter 5. The Secret Of The Figure-head
Chapter 6. Dr. Syn's Midnight Visitor
Chapter 7. The Scarecrow Rider
Chapter 8. Doctor Syn In Danger
Chapter 9. Charlotte Names Her Three Heroes
Chapter 10. The Grievance Of Mr. Jimmie Bone
Chapter 11. The Red-bearded Bridegroom
Chapter 12. The Beacon On Aldington Knoll
Chapter 13. “Death To The Scarecrow”
Chapter 14. “Death To The Scarecrow" (Continued)
Chapter 15. The Crawling Death
Chapter 16. Syn's Salvation
Chapter 17. The Hanging Of Captain Clegg

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