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The Further Adventures of Doctor Syn
by Russell Thorndyke
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Chapter 1. Slippery Sam's
Chapter 2. The Archbishop And The Highwayman
Chapter 3. Doctor Syn's Black List
Chapter 4. In Dover Castle
Chapter 5. The Scarecrow's Leap
Chapter 6. The Squire Of Lympne's Wager
Chapter 7. The Man On The Black Horse
Chapter 8. The Sea Lawyer
Chapter 9. By Smugglers' Justice
Chapter 10. The Bad Men Of Bonnington
Chapter 11. Doctor Syn's Revenge
Chapter 12. The French Privateer
Chapter 13. The Scarecrow Keeps His Word
Chapter 14. Doctor Syn Arranges A Duel
Chapter 15. In The Ring Of Demons
Chapter 16. The Clue Of The Gilt Button
Chapter 17. The Terror Of Craigen
Chapter 18. The Bow Street Runner
Chapter 19. The Press-Gang Pressed
Chapter 20. The Black List Paid

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