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The Scarecrow Rides
by Russell Thorndyke
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Chapter I. Why Two Sour-faced Men Braved The Storm
Chapter II. Meg Fears For Her Husband
Chapter III. The Wreck Of The Brig On Dymchurch Wall
Chapter IV. The Wooden Devil
Chapter V. The Death Of The Sea-captain
Chapter VI. The Survivor Takes The Whip-hand
Chapter VII. The Sea-Chest
Chapter VIII. Doctor Syn Returns
Chapter IX. Doctor Syn Takes Leave Of Himself And Charlotte Sees A Ghost
Chapter X. Doctor Syn Makes Preparations
Chapter XI. The New Doctor Syn Appears At Breakfast
Chapter XII. Doctor Syn Occupies The Pulpit
Chapter XIII. Doctor Syn Delivers An Ultimatum To Mr. Merry
Chapter XIV. Mr. Merry Confronts Three Merry Blades
Chapter XV. Meg's Tavern Becomes ‘The City Of London’
Chapter XVI. Doctor Syn Sees Danger In Charlotte Cobtree
Chapter XVII. Mr. Mipps Appears
Chapter XVIII. The Housekeeper Objects
Chapter XIX. Dr Syn And Mr. Mipps Come To An Understanding
Chapter XX. The Death Of The Riding Officer
Chapter XXI. Grinsley Posted For Murder
Chapter XXII. The Secret Of The Figure-head
Chapter XXIII. The Open Stable Doors
Chapter XXIV. Doctor Syn's Midnight Visitor
Chapter XXV. A Deal With Silas Pettigrand
Chapter XXVI. A Witch Deals With The Devil
Chapter XXVII. The Scarecrow Rider
Chapter XXVIII. Doctor Syn Toasts The Demon Rider
Chapter XXIX. Charlotte's Birthday
Chapter XXX. Doctor Syn In Danger
Chapter XXXI. Doctor Syn Shows Fight
Chapter XXXII. Charlotte Names Her Three Heroes
Chapter XXXIII. The Grievance Of Mr. Jimmie Bone
Chapter XXXIV. The Red-bearded Bridegroom
Chapter XXXV. The Beacon On Aldington Knoll
Chapter XXXVI. “Death To The Scarecrow”

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