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The Shadow of Doctor Syn
by Russell Thorndyke
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Chapter 1. Two Topics of the Town
Chapter 2. Two Beaux In Search of One Topic
Chapter 3. The Little Affair of the Dover Coach
Chapter 4. The British Grenadiers
Chapter 5. Mr. Bone Whistles the Same Tune
Chapter 6. In Which Lord Cullingford Gains More Than He Loses
Chapter 7. Concerning Various Happenings and In Which Aunt Agatha Hears a Different Tune
Chapter 8. The Squire Sums Up
Chapter 9. The Revenue Man Pays A Social Call
Chapter 10. With The Scarecrow's Compliments
Chapter 11. More Compliments From The Scarecrow
Chapter 12. In Which Cicely Forgets Her Gloves And Doctor Syn Forgets To
Chapter 13. In Which Mr. Mipps Discovers An Old Friend And Doctor Syn
Chapter 14. Concerning A Late-Blooming Rose And An Early Visitor
Chapter 15. Doctor Syn Receives An Invitation, And Sends One
Chapter 16. Citizen L'Pouvantail Not At Your Service
Chapter 17. A Surprise for Seven Gentlemen
Chapter 18. Aunt Agatha Scares the Scarecrow
Chapter 19. November Lightning on Toledo Steel
Chapter 20. A Brand New Box of Soldiers
Chapter 21. Mr. Mipps Remembers to Forget
Chapter 22. The Shadow of the Scarecrow
Chapter 23. The Shadow of Doctor Syn
Chapter 24. The Shadow of Clegg

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