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A Day Of Fate
by Edward Payson Roe
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Book First
Chapter I. Aimless Steps
Chapter II. A June Day-dream
Chapter III. The Shining Tide
Chapter IV. Reality
Chapter V. Mutual Discoveries
Chapter VI. A Quaker Tea
Chapter VII. A Friend
Chapter VIII. The Mystery of Mysteries
Chapter IX. “Old Plod”
Chapter X. A Bit of Eden
Chapter XI. “Moved”
Chapter XII. One of Nature's Tragedies
Chapter XIII. The Lightning and a Subtler Flame
Chapter XIV. Kindling a Spark of Life
Chapter XV. My Fate
Book Second
Chapter I. The Day After
Chapter II. “It Was Inevitable”
Chapter III. Returning Consciousness
Chapter IV. In the Dark
Chapter V. A Flash of Memory
Chapter VI. Weakness
Chapter VII. Old Plod Idealized
Chapter VIII. An Impulse
Chapter IX. A Wretched Failure
Chapter X. In the Depths
Chapter XI. Poor Acting
Chapter XII. The Hope of a Hidden Treasure
Chapter XIII. The Old Meeting-house Again
Chapter XIV. Love Teaching Ethics
Chapter XV. “Don't Think of Me”
Chapter XVI. Richard
Chapter XVIII. Mrs. Yocomb's Letters
Chapter XIX. Adah
Chapter XX. Thanksgiving Day
Chapter XXI. Ripples on Deep Water

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