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A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. Bad Training for a Knight
Chapter II. Both Apologize
Chapter III. Chained to an Iceberg
Chapter IV. Immature
Chapter V. Passion's Clamor
Chapter VI. “Gloomy Grandeur”
Chapter VII. Birds of Prey
Chapter VIII. Their Victim
Chapter IX. Pat and the Press
Chapter X. Returning Consciousness
Chapter XI. Haldane Is Arrested
Chapter XII. A Memorable Meeting
Chapter XIII. Our Knight in Jail
Chapter XIV. Mr. Arnot's System Works Badly
Chapter XV. Haldane's Resolve
Chapter XVI. The Impulses of Wounded Pride
Chapter XVII. At Odds With the World
Chapter XVIII. The World's Verdict. Our Knight a Criminal
Chapter XIX. The World's Best Offer. A Prison
Chapter XX. Maiden and Wood-sawyer
Chapter XXI. Magnanimous Mr. Shrumpf
Chapter XXII. A Man Who Hated Himself
Chapter XXIII. Mr. Growther Becomes Gigantic
Chapter XXIV. How Public Opinion Is Often Made
Chapter XXV. A Paper Poniard
Chapter XXVI. A Sorry Knight
Chapter XXVII. God Sent His Angel
Chapter XXVIII. Facing the Consequences
Chapter XXIX. How Evil Isolates
Chapter XXX. Ideal Knighthood
Chapter XXXI. The Low Starting-point
Chapter XXXII. A Sacred Refrigerator
Chapter XXXIII. A Doubtful Battle in Prospect
Chapter XXXIV. A Foothold
Chapter XXXV. “That Sermon Was a Bombshell”
Chapter XXXVI. Mr. Growther Feeds an Ancient Grudge
Chapter XXXVII. Hoping for a Miracle
Chapter XXXVIII. The Miracle Takes Place
Chapter XXXIX. Votaries of the World
Chapter XL. Human Nature
Chapter XLI. Mrs. Arnot's Creed
Chapter XLII. The Lever That Moves the World
Chapter XLIII. Mr. Growther “Stumped”
Chapter XLIV. Growth
Chapter XLV. Laura Romeyn
Chapter XLVI. Misjudged
Chapter XLVII. Laura Chooses Her Knight
Chapter XLVIII. Mrs. Arnot's Knight
Chapter XLIX. A Knightly Deed
Chapter L. “O Dreaded Death!”
Chapter LI. “O Priceless Life!”
Chapter LII. A Man Versus a Connoisseur
Chapter LIII. Exit of Laura's First Knight
Chapter LIV. Another Knight Appears

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