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A Young Girl's Wooing
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. A Crescent of a Girl
Chapter II. Graydon Muir
Chapter III. The Parting
Chapter IV. Effort
Chapter V. Achievement
Chapter VI. The Secret of Beauty
Chapter VII. Not a Miracle
Chapter VIII. Rival Girls
Chapter IX. The Meeting
Chapter X. Old Ties Broken
Chapter XI. “I Fear I Shall Fail”
Chapter XII. The Promptings of Miss Wildmere's Heart
Chapter XIII. “You Will Be Disappointed”
Chapter XIV. Miss Wildmere's Strategy
Chapter XV. Perplexed and Beguiled
Chapter XVI. Declaration of Independence
Chapter XVII. Not Strong in Vain
Chapter XVIII. Make Your Terms
Chapter XIX. An Object for Sympathy
Chapter XX. “Veiled Wooing”
Chapter XXI. Suggestive Tones
Chapter XXII. Disheartening Confidences
Chapter XXIII. The Filial Martyr
Chapter XXIV. “I'll See How You Behave”
Chapter XXV. Gossamer Threads
Chapter XXVI. Mrs. Muir's Account
Chapter XXVII. Madge's Story
Chapter XXVIII. Dispassionate Lovers
Chapter XXIX. The Enemies' Plans
Chapter XXX. The Strong Man Unmanned
Chapter XXXI. Checkmate
Chapter XXXII. Madge Is Matter-of-fact
Chapter XXXIII. The End of Diplomacy
Chapter XXXIV. Broken Lights and Shadows
Chapter XXXV. A New Experiment
Chapter XXXVI. Madge Alden's Ride
Chapter XXXVII. “You Are Very Blind”
Chapter XXXVIII. “Certainly I Refuse You”
Chapter XXXIX. My True Friend
Chapter XL. The End of the Wooing

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