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An Original Belle
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. A Rude Awakening.
Chapter II. A New Acquaintance.
Chapter III. A New Friend.
Chapter IV. Woman's Chief Right.
Chapter V. "Be Hopeful, That I May Hope."
Chapter VI. A Scheme of Life.
Chapter VII. Surprises.
Chapter VIII. Charmed by a Critic.
Chapter IX. A Girl's Light Hand.
Chapter X. Willard Merwyn.
Chapter XI. An Oath and a Glance.
Chapter XII. "A Vow."
Chapter XIII. A Siege Begun.
Chapter XIV. Ominous.
Chapter XV. Scorn.
Chapter XVI. Awakened At Last.
Chapter XVII. Coming to the Point.
Chapter XVIII. A Girl's Standard.
Chapter XIX. Probation Promised.
Chapter XX. "You Think Me a Coward."
Chapter XXI. Fears and Perplexities.
Chapter XXII. A Girl's Thoughts and Impulses.
Chapter XXIII. "My Friendship Is Mine to Give."
Chapter XXIV. A Father's Forethought.
Chapter XXV. A Chained Will.
Chapter XXVI. Marian's Interpretation of Merwyn.
Chapter XXVII. "De Head Linkum Man Was Cap'n Lane."
Chapter XXVIII. The Signal Light.
Chapter XXIX. Marian Contrasts Lane and Merwyn.
Chapter XXX. The North Invaded.
Chapter XXXI. "I've Lost My Chance."
Chapter XXXII. Blauvelt.
Chapter XXXIII. A Glimpse of War.
Chapter XXXIV. A Glimpse of War, Continued.
Chapter XXXV. The Grand Assault.
Chapter XXXVI. Blauvelt's Search for Strahan.
Chapter XXXVII. Strahan's Escape.
Chapter XXXVIII. A Little Rebel.
Chapter XXXIX. The Cure of Captain Lane.
Chapter XL. Love's Triumph.
Chapter XLI. Sunday's Lull and Monday's Storm.
Chapter XLII. That Worst of Monsters, a Mob.
Chapter XLIII. The "Coward."
Chapter XLIV. A Wife's Embrace.
Chapter XLV. The Decisive Battle.
Chapter XLVI. "I Have Seen That You Detest Me."
Chapter XLVII. A Fair Friend and Foul Foes.
Chapter XLVIII. Desperate Fighting.
Chapter XLIX. One Facing Hundreds.
Chapter L. Zeb.
Chapter LI. A Tragedy.
Chapter LII. Mother and Son.
Chapter LIII. "Missy S'wanee."

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