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His Sombre Rivals
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. An Embodiment of May
Chapter II. Mere Fancies
Chapter III. The Verdict of a Sage
Chapter IV. Warning Or Incentive?
Chapter V. Impressions
Chapter VI. Philosophy At Fault
Chapter VII. Warren Hilland
Chapter VIII. Supreme Moments
Chapter IX. The Revelation
Chapter X. The Kinship of Suffering
Chapter XI. The Ordeal
Chapter XII. Flight to Nature
Chapter XIII. The Friends
Chapter XIV. Noble Deception
Chapter XV. “I Wish He Had Known”
Chapter XVI. The Cloud in the South
Chapter XVII. Preparation
Chapter XVIII. The Call to Arms
Chapter XIX. The Blood-red Sky
Chapter XX. Two Battles
Chapter XXI. The Logic of Events
Chapter XXII. Self-sentenced
Chapter XXIII. An Early Dream Fulfilled
Chapter XXIV. Unchronicled Conflicts
Chapter XXV. A Presentiment
Chapter XXVI. An Improvised Picture Gallery
Chapter XXVII. A Dream
Chapter XXVIII. Its Fulfilment
Chapter XXIX. A Southern Girl
Chapter XXX. Guerillas
Chapter XXXI. Just in Time
Chapter XXXII. A Wounded Spirit
Chapter XXXIII. The White-haired Nurse
Chapter XXXIV. Rita's Brother
Chapter XXXV. His Sombre Rivals
Chapter XXXVI. All Materialists
Chapter XXXVII. The Effort to Live
Chapter XXXVIII. Graham's Last Sacrifice
Chaptee XXXIX. Married Unconsciously
Chapter XL. Rita Anderson
Chaptee XLI. A Little Child Shall Lead Them

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