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Miss Lou
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. A Girl's Protest
Chapter II. Something Happens
Chapter III. Mad Whately
Chapter IV. Aun' Jinkey's Policy
Chapter V. Whately's Idea of Courtship
Chapter VI. The Storm Begins
Chapter VII. Dangers Thickening
Chapter VIII. "When?"
Chapter IX. Paralyzed With Shame
Chapter X. A Baffled Diplomatist
Chapter XI. Aun' Jinkey's Warning
Chapter XII. A Whirlwind of Events
Chapter XIII. The Unexpected Happens
Chapter XIV. A Threat
Chapter XV. Miss Lou Emancipated
Chapter XVI. A Smile on War's Grim Face
Chapter XVII. The Joy of Freedom
Chapter XVIII. A Well-aimed Slipper
Chapter XIX. A Girl's Appeal
Chapter XX. Scoville's Hope
Chapter XXI. Two Storms
Chapter XXII. Chunk's Quest
Chapter XXIII. A Bold Scheme
Chapter XXIV. A Home a Hospital
Chapter XXV. A Tribute to a Southern Girl
Chapter XXVI. A Background of Egotism
Chapter XXVII. Aun' Jinkey's Supeeme Test
Chapter XXVIII. Truth If the Heavens Fall
Chapter XXIX. "Angel of Death"
Chapter XXX. Glimpses of Moods and Minds
Chapter XXXI. The Duellists Vanquished
Chapter XXXII. Sad Tidings
Chapter XXXIII. Conspirators
Chapter XXXIV. Chunk Plays Spook
Chapter XXXV. A Visitation
Chapter XXXVI. Uncle Lusthah Exhorts
Chapter XXXVII. A New Routine

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