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Nature's Serial Story
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. A Country Home
Chapter II. Amy Winfield
Chapter III. A Country Fireside
Chapter IV. Gunning by Moonlight
Chapter V. Christmas Eve and Morning
Chapter VI. Nature's Half-known Secrets
Chapter VII. Neighbors Drop in
Chapter VIII. Eagles
Chapter IX. Sleighing in the Highlands
Chapter X. A Winter Thunder-storm
Chapter XI. Nature Under Glass
Chapter XII. A Mountaineer's Hovel
Chapter XIII. Almost a Tragedy
Chapter XIV. Hints of Spring
Chapter XV. Nature's Building Materials
Chapter XVI. Gossip About Bird-neighbors
Chapter XVII. Fishing Through the Ice
Chapter XVIII. Planning and Opening the Campaign
Chapter XIX. Winter's Exit
Chapter XX. A Royal Captive
Chapter XXI. Spring's Harbingers
Chapter XXII. “First Times”
Chapter XXIII. Regrets and Duck-shooting
Chapter XXIV. April
Chapter XXV. Easter
Chapter XXVI. Very Moody
Chapter XXVII. Shad-fishing by Proxy
Chapter XXVIII. May and Girlhood
Chapter XXIX. Nature's Workshop
Chapter XXX. Spring-time Passion
Chapter XXXI. June and Honey-bees
Chapter XXXII. Burt Becomes Rational
Chapter XXXIII. Webb's Roses and Romance
Chapter XXXIV. A Sham Battle At West Point
Chapter XXXV. Chased by a Thunder-shower
Chapter XXXVI. The Rescue of a Home
Chapter XXXVII. A Midnight Tempest
Chapter XXXVIII. The Two Lovers
Chapter XXXIX. Burt's Adventure
Chapter XL. Miss Hargrove
Chapter XLI. A Fire in the Mountains
Chapter XLII. Camping Out
Chapter XLIII. An Old Tenement
Chapter XLIV. “But He Risked His Life?”
Chapter XLV. Summer's Weeping Farewell
Chapter XLVI. Father and Daughter
Chapter XLVII. Disquiet Within and Without
Chapter XLVIII. Idlewild
Chapter XLIX. Echoes of a Past Storm
Chapter L. Impulses of the Heart
Chapter LI. Webb's Fateful Expedition
Chapter LII. Burt's Sore Dilemma
Chapter LIII. Burt's Resolve
Chapter LIV. A Gentle Exorcist
Chapter LV. Burt Tells His Love Again
Chapter LVI. Webb's Four-leaved Clover
Chapter LVII. October Hues and Harvests
Chapter LVIII. The Moonlight Omen
Chapter LIX. The Hose Reveals Its Heart
Chapter LX. Christmas Lights and Shadows

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