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Opening a Chestnut Burr
by Edward Payson Roe
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I. A Hero, But Not Heroic
II. Opening a Chestnut Burr
III. Morbid Brooding
IV. How Miss Walton Managed People
V. Was It an Accident?
VI. Unexpected Chestnut Burrs
VII. A Conspiracy
VIII. Witchcraft
IX. Miss Walton Recommends a Hobby
X. A Plot Against Miss Walton
XI. A Drinking-song At a Prayer-meeting
XII. Foiled in One Direction
XIII. Interpreting Chestnut Burrs
XIV. “A Well-meanin' Man”
XV. Miss Walton's Dream
XVI. An Accident in the Mountains
XVII. “Promise Or Die”
XVIII. In the Depths
XIX. Miss Walton Made of Different Clay From Others
XX. Miss Walton Made of Ordinary Clay
XXI. Passion and Penitence
XXII. Not a Heroine, But a Woman
XXIII. Gregory's Final Conclusion in Regard to Miss Walton
XXIV. “The Worm-infested Chestnut”. Gregory Tells the Worst
XXV. The Old Home in Danger. Gregory Retrieves Himself
XXVI. Changes in Gregory
XXVII. Pleading for Life and Love
XXVIII. What a Lover Could Do
XXIX. Deepening Shadows
XXX. Kept From the Evil
XXXI. “Live! Live!”. Annie's Appeal
XXXII. At Sea. A Mysterious Passenger
XXXIII. Collision At Sea. What a Christian Could Do
XXXIV. Unmasked
XXXV. A Chestnut Burr and a Home

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